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Podcasts from CAM

Check some of the podcasts that call CAM and Erie home! Make sure to follow and subscribe to never miss an episode of your soon to be favorite show.

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Colt Classics

Join Colt Classics every other Monday as an equestrian and a filmmaker create the new best worst horse movie.

Colt ClassicsWebsite

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Film Grain

The official podcast of the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania and Greater Erie Film Office. Hosted by Erika Berlin, Mike Berlin and John C. Lyons.

Film GrainWebsite

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Honest CEO

Do you want to be the CEO of your own life? Gisele shares the realities of being an entrepreneur through life experiences and stories that will either inspire you to go for it yourself...or scare the shit out of you to never try! She focuses on surviving through the first 3 years of business, as those are the most trying and often least resourced. Those who have "been there, done that" will probably just have a good laugh as you relate to the emotional, mental and physical roller-coaster the entrepreneurial journey takes us on. Hopefully every listener will take away the value of learning from others mistakes as well as their successes!

Honest CEO: Website

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Shaggy's House of Horrors

Enter Shaggy's House Of Horrors if you dare! Are you a fan of horror cinema or just discovering it? We will cover all types within the genre and have a great time with it! YOU, the fans, help me build the show each week!

Shaggy's House Of Horrors: Website

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Un-Scripted Podcast

Honest talk about surviving and thriving as an entrepreneur. Never scripted. Always funny (or so we believe). Join us as we tell stories about our daily experiences and the lessons we learn from them. Being an entrepreneur means having a sense of humor, taking one day at a time, and continually learning and growing. Buckle up, cause we cover a lot of ground!

Un-Scripted Podcast: Website

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Emma's Footprint

Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death affects more families than you may realize. Tracy and Julie (two grieving mothers) are here to help educate, support and break the stigma behind this topic of pregnancy and infant loss. Join us as we laugh, cry and remember our babies!

Emma's FootprintWebsite

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For Comic Junkies

Welcome to Erie, PA’s number one source for comic book entertainment in podcast form. Here we talk about comics and pop culture and how they affect and interact with our daily lives!

For Comic Junkies: Website

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Welcome to Idiotville - Erie, PA’s Liberal Conscience: We want you to be better, Erie. But you just keep screwing it up. Every time someone opens their mouth with a good idea, someone has to have a reason why not. That reason usually isn’t very well thought out, it usually involves thinly (or not so thinly) veiled racism. This town can move forward, but until we confront the demons that lurk here, we aren’t going anywhere. If you don’t like what we’ve got to say, come at us with a good take. Think it all the way out. Our podcast is here to take political discourse in this city in a completely different direction. The Idiotville Crew is Brent N Liberty, Jake News, Dill Spears, Marty Balawkay and very occasionally, Ted Brogan & Mrs. Spears.

Idiotville: Website

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Trash Sports Takes

Welcome to Trash Sports Takes, where we take out the trash takes. Are you tired of the current state of sports media? Wish that insight wasn’t replaced by wild, unjustified opinions? Tired of moved goalposts, failed predictions, and no repercussions? At Trash Sports Takes, we see you and we agree with you. Like what we have to say? Hate our very existence? Let us know! We can be found on: Twitter at @TrashSportspod and @BrentNLibertyFacebook at Find our blog at

Trash Sports Takes: Website

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