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Join the Movement

Anyone may become a member at Community Access Media


How to get Started

CAM Jam!

Attending one of our monthly CAM Jam's new member orientation sessions; is a great way to learn about what you can do at CAM, what is offered, and be part of a live recording of a talented local artist!


I'm ready! What's Next?

Before or after CAM Jam, make sure to fill out a membership application (if under the age of 18, a parent, guardian, teacher or principal must attend orientation with you and sign your membership application). CAM offers one of the lowest membership rates in the United States to make sure we are as accessible as possible.

Membership Application

How to get started! 

Select your membership level and fill our our membership application. 

High School Orchestra

Individual Member level 

Running Outdoors

Individual Member level

Helping Hand Icon

Includes one organization representative

Creative Office

Includes one organization representative


Bring your idea to life

A little bit of class

Taking one or more classes leads to certification in equipment and CAM facilities. 

Want to start a podcast?

We have a class for that. 

Want to learn how to work a field camera or DSLR?

We have class for that 

Want to run a full production studio?

We have a class for that. 

Want to learn how to clone a dinosaur?

We don't have a class for that (yet), unfortunately.

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