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Content Your Business Needs

For-profit members are able to access the resources they need to create content that reaches their audiences globally!

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Perks of Being a For-Profit Member

For $140 a year your membership inlcudes: 

  • Access to $1 million of production facilities and equipment

    • Two podcasting studios ​

    • Multi-cam Recording Studio 

    • Digital Editing Bays 

    • Multi-media Streaming Studio 

    • Full Size Green Screen

  • Professional courses to learn: 

    • Field Camera Operations ​

    • Digital Photography and Video 

    • Studio Operations 

    • Podcasting Recording and Editing 

    • Green Screen Set-up and Recording 

    • Adobe Creative Suite Editng 

  • No-cost Rentals of 

    • HD and 4k field Cameras ​

    • Nikon DSLRs 

    • Tripods 

    • Wired and Wireless Audio Equipment 

    • Lighting Kits 

    • Live Streaming Equipment 

    • Mobile Swicthers 

  • The ability to air and host your content on CAM platforms on Roku, Apple TV, Spetrum Channel 1021, VNET Channel 2, Youtube, and our Video-On-Demand system. 

  • Technical assistance from our professional staff.

Join Today!

Exclusive For-Profit Member Perks:

  • 25% off all CAM Production Services!

  • Presonalized Internet Channel Exclusively With Your Organizations Content

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