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Welcome to Community Access Media (CAM)

Community Access Media (CAM) is authorized by the City of Erie to administer the public access media channel on Spectrum Cable, Channel 1021 and VNET Fiber Channel 2, as well as streaming On-Demand on Apple TV and Roku Apps. 

CAM is a community media center for people to learn, create, and share a variety of content! From podcasts, serial shows, digital videos, gaming, and much more CAM has you covered. 

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CAM: A New Perspective

Since 1997, CAM has been a place for people to find their message and send it to their audience. Our members range from film makers and podcasters, to students and all levels of content creators.

CAM members are able to plan, produce, edit, and share their content all in one place. As a community media center CAM offers space, equipment, expertise, and resources to make your vision a reality. 

CAM’s mission is to help every member of our community learn, create, and share their unique message. From helping non-profits reach their audience and local government to be transparent to your first podcast or video shoot, we are here to help! 


Community Impact

200+ Members

CAM is home to artists, film makers, poets, authors, podcasters, visual artists, non-profits, and so much more. 

33K Hours of Member Usage

Yearly CAM members use production facilities and equipment for over 33,000 total hours. 

$1.1 millon in-kind support

On average, CAM provide over a million dollars a year in no-cost services to the citizens of Erie.

1,122 Unique Programs and show

In 2022, CAM aired over one thousand programs at no-cost for residents in the City of Erie. 

2021 “Year in Review”

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